Bike Workshop

We service all of our bikes before every rental so you know you’re getting the best ride each time. We also provide extra services for your own bike, whether it is a wheel change, or a complete fork rebuild. Summit Sport Bike Workshop does it all.

On Demand Service

Our Park Tools ON DEMAND SERVICE CENTRE is focused at getting your bike repaired as quickly as possible so that you can get back on the trails. We have lots and lots of spare parts but if we don’t have an item in stock we can usually get it to the store by the next working day. We offer one of the fastest turn around times in Whistler.

Our mechanics are all experienced and highly trained guys who live and breathe bikes and biking. They are all happy to share their knowledge with you and are *the* folks to ask when it comes to anything from your suspension setup to choosing a new set of bars. Feel free to swing by the store and get some top notch advice.

  • Rebuild
  • Service
  • Repair forks and shocks.

Depending on the spare part requirements we can usually turn around your fork or shock in 1 full day.

Workshop Rates 2017

Wheel Build from $40
Wheel True from $20
Tube/Tyre Replacement from $10 + tube
Fork Rebuild $60 plus parts
Hub Repack $20
BB Replacement $15
Fork Install $40
Bike Build from $60
Shop Rates $60 per hr
Brake Bleed $20 each brake

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and do not include GST and PST at 5% and 7% respectively.

Bike Workshop

Rental Bike Preparation

Your rental bike will have been subjected to a complete inspection and tuning session before you ride it. We don’t just fix things when they break, we undertake preventative maintenance on all of our bikes so that your riding experience will be as smooth as possible.

To achieve this, Summit has ten experienced mechanics working full time. That’s how seriously we take the task of providing you with the best Whistler Rental Bike program.

The Brands we work with.